We currently have no events.

There are a few ways to donate but if you wanted to donate towards something specific; the following will give you an idea of what will help to keep us operating:

Donation amount What that pays for
One off Monthly Direct Debit
£20 £20 Assistance with an issue
£25 £25 An appointment at one of our outreaches
£50 £50 A follow up full advice appointment
£15 £15 A drop in assessment interview
£2400 £200 Sponsor a volunteer for a year
£180 £15 A place on a training course for a new volunteer
£300 £25 Half day’s advice at our town centre office
£600 £50 One day’s advice at our town centre office



We need your help!

Citizens Advice Bracknell & District is a charity, and like any charity, we rely on the support and generosity of members of the public.

Perhaps you, a friend, or member of your family has used the Citizens Advice service or visited our website for help with sorting out a problem. Please consider supporting us with an online donation to Citizens Advice Bracknell & District – any amount would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for supporting us.

How can you get involved?

Your support is vital to assuring the future of your Citizens Advice local service.

Be a Fundraiser

We always need new volunteers for fundraising; as a Fundraiser you will play a central role in our work by:

  • Working with the Citizens Advice Bracknell & District Treasurer and/or Trustees to meet fundraising objectives.
  • Helping with research into fundraising opportunities.
  • Organising fund raising events.
  • Helping with fundraising applications.
  • Preparing presentations to potential funders.
  • Providing support to any fundraising group, such as local Friend’s organisations.

See our vacancies page for further details.

Citizens Advice East Berkshire