Privacy policy – when you get advice

When you get advice from an adviser – our privacy policy 

Most of the details about how Citizens Advice Bracknell & District handles your personal information when you get advice from an adviser are shown in our national Citizens Advice privacy policy.  The rest of this page contains further details about how we handle your personal information.

We will collect your personal information if you are referred to us by another organisation so that we can help solve your problem.  Our referral form asks the other organisation to confirm that you have given your permission for them to share your information with us.  The referral will normally be sent to us by email.

Some third party referral agencies use our website to create your referral.  If so, your personal information will be process by our trusted website hosting company to enable it to be securely emailed to us.

We will also collect personal information which you choose to send to us directly by email.

If we exchange emails with you, or if you are referred to us by a third party agency via email, the emails will be stored in our email system, which is hosted by a trusted partner.

We may store paperwork that we need to help you with your problem. We will store this paperwork securely at our office.  We may also archive your paperwork after a period of time.  The archive facility is managed by trusted storage solutions company.  We keep your information for 6 years. If your case has been subject to a serious complaint, insurance claim or other dispute we keep your information for 16 years.

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